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Factories commonly deploy hundreds of PCs for various applications resulting in a large IT team which drives up costs. In addition, if any of the PCs crash, the operator needs to take time to troubleshoot the problem which further affects the bottom line by increasing production line downtime. In today’s Era of Smart Manufacturing factory owners expect complex IT systems to be managed more efficiently using centralized management systems.

Advantech’s new SRP-FPV240 Solution Ready Platforms come with preinstalled ACP-enabled ThinClient BIOS allowing users to easily manage all server applications and thin clients from the plant floor to the control room on a single user interface. Users can decide which client/user to access and what content to be displayed. The SRP-FPV240 thin client also provides superior visualization via multi-monitor, multi-session and flexible screen tiling functions, especially suitable for multi-tasking. Furthermore, the diskless industrial thin client ensures SRP-FPV240 supports fast failover by plugging it in a backup unit.

Why Advantech For Process Visualization
Boost Productivity with
Less Downtime
Save time and IT costs by centralizing management of computers with recovery within 2 minutes
One-click software updates to all thin clients and quick troubleshooting via plug in system.
Different simultaneous system visualizations on separate monitors. Run the display as a single monitor or separate desktops with multi clients.
SRP-FPV240 Solution-Ready-Platform Packages
SRP-FPV240-AE SRP-FPV240-01 SRP-FPV240-02 SRP-FPV240-03 SRP-FPV240-04/05/06 SRP-FPV241-AE
System Computing:
AMD® Dual Core T40E Small-size ThinClient, HDMI*1, DP*1
System Computing:
Intel® Atom E3815 Pocket-size ThinClient, HDMI*1, USB*4
System Computing:
Intel® Celeron® J1900 Dual Monitor ThinClient, VGA*1, HDMI*1

System Computing:
Intel® Celeron® J1900 21.5” Stainless IP69K Panel ThinClient
System Computing:
Intel® Atom E3827 12.1“/15”/17” Panel ThinClient
System Computing:
Intel Core i3-6100U Multi-monitor ThinClient, HDMI*5, DP*1, USB*8
System Diagram

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