Data Acquisition (DAQ) & Communication

DAQ series are used in multiple industrial data acquisition field.Advantech provide DAQ card, DAQ I/O products and Machine Condition Monitoring software can be used in various Industrial PC chassis, such as PCI DAQ cards, PCIE DAQ cards, USB DAQ, USB Oscilloscope, WebAccess/MCM providing reliable and cost-saving industrial solutions to build a DAQ systems.

  • WebAccess/MCM

    WebAccess/MCM is Machine Condition Monitoring software that provides easy sensor signal acquisition, signal analysis, feature extraction , data management and interpretation, and sends alerts. Engineers or system integrators can configure settings to meet the needs of different condition monitoring applications. WebAccess/MCM helps customers to quickly install Advantech’s DAQ modules and implement predictive maintenance in their factories. This helps improve equipment uptime, performance and safety, while greatly reducing maintenance costs.

  • DAQ-embedded Computer

    The MIC-1800 series are embedded DAQ computers with various integrated DAQ modules and data acquisition platform. DAQ modules provide multifunction I/O expansion for system development, deployment, and integration.These automation controllers support serial communication ports and several other networking interfaces, seamlessly enable integration and rapid DAQ system development.

  • USB Digital Storage Oscilloscope

    USB-DSO are USB digital storage oscilloscopes which provide you a flexible and convenient way to measure signal. It provides 200MHz bandwidth and up to 1GS/s sample rate. It also equips up to 128MS/ch waveform memory for high speed data acquisition. You can acquire and analyze data in your laptop or PC by using friendly software.

  • Advantech DAQNavi SDK

    This integrated DAQ software package includes I/O drivers, SDK, tutorial and utility. With the user-friendly design, even the beginner can quickly get familiar with how to utilize DAQ hardware and write programs through the intuitive "Advantech Navigator" utility environment. Many example codes for different development environment dramatically decrease users’ programming time and effort.

  • DAQ Cards

    DAQ cards include PCI DAQ and PCIe DAQ featuring multifunction I/O selection such as analog I/O to help meet all DAQ needs. PCI DAQ cards and PCIe DAQ cards are high-speed and quality yet cost-saving products to improve DAQ process. >> Check Advantech DAQNavi Support List

  • USB Modules

    The USB DAQ series include various USB I/O modules supporting multifunction industrial USB. The USB DAQ modules design enables easy and efficient installation without removing computer chassis. >> Check Advantech DAQNavi Support List

  • CompactPCI System

    The CompactPCI leverages 3U CPCI chassis to ensure high-end computing platform for industrial compact PCI solutions. With high shock and vibration tolerance, automatically cooling system, fault resilient and hot swappable capabilities. This is the most reliable PC-based computing platform for mission-critical applications. >> Check Advantech DAQNavi Support List

  • PC-104/PCI-104 DAQ & Communication Cards

    PC/104 Single Board Computer modules include embedded DAQ, PC/104 DAQ and various PC 104 add-on peripheral modules. As an PC 104 stackable solution leader, we offer a wide range of computing capacities ideal for space limited applications.

  • ISA DAQ Cards

    ISA DAQ card provide multifunction I/O expansion and high-speed and quality yet cost saving support. The ISA DAQ cards with plug-in I/O module also meet both positioning control and velocity control.

  • Signal Conditioning Modules and Terminal Boards

    The Signal conditioning modules are cost-saving, isolation-based signal conditioners and field configurable capability. The signal conditioning modules are easily installed and help protect your instrument.Isolated Digital I/O terminals boards and I/O wiring board offer isolated input channels which makes it ideal for industrial applications. The I/O terminals are also high-voltage protection. >> Check Advantech DAQNavi Support List

  • Serial Communication Cards

    Advantech serial communication cards featuring RS232 card, CAN bus card and communication board that need only one PCI or ISA slot to provide independent serial channels.

  • GPIB

    Advantech GPIB cards are compatible with IEEE 488.2 standard. The GPIB cards, based on PCI-bus cards with GPIB modules, allows users access and control instrument easily.

  • iDoor Module(Mini PCIe)

    The PCM-2600 series are categorized as communication modules from Advantech iDoor Technology. They are all compatible with the PCI Express® Mini Card Specification Revision 1.2. including Isolated / Non-Isolated RS-232/422/485 communication cards for automation control. This is a flexible design that enables customers to customize their features which meet iDoor Technology.

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